“A dog is the only living thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”
Josh Billings

Regal Rosa by window finalPosing cats and dogs is elusive at best.    Lots of patience, hard work, energy, time, knowledge, experience, good equipment, TLC, luck, the cooperation of the owners and knee pads are often all required to get outstanding, artistic images.  Getting the image, however, is only the first step.

Processing the images also requires time, patience, knowledge, experience, good equipment and an ongoing investment in camera equipment, software, and learning.  It all manifests in the results.  One of the most thrilling things for me is when the magic happens and an image emerges that makes us both happy and sometimes ecstatic.

 “I didn’t know I wanted photos of my cat until I saw Allison’s images.”
Jessica Sierra, Sedona, Arizona

My fees are as follows:

Sessions:  Cost

$350 includes:

1 ½ hrs. (if we are lucky) to 3 hrs. time on location.*  This will include $50 credit toward your print purchase.

An additional charge may be added for travel time of more than 45  minutes. (No charge if it takes longer because I get lost.)

8-15 preliminarily processed proofs emailed to you within two weeks of the photo shoot

Lighting equipment if necessary

Payment is due when the photo shoot is scheduled.

I accept all credit cards except American Express.  A 2% surcharge will be added to pay for the credit card fee.

* Location

Although I have access to a studio, I find that pets, in particular, as well as  family members are more relaxed in generally familiar surroundings and outside the confines of a studio.  The images that result are more likely to tell a story, be more expressive and interactive.  These are the kind of photo shoots I enjoy and the kind of images I want to deliver.


The first print of any photo has to include the often intense amount of processing time to make the transition from great image to fine art image.  Any first print up to a 11 x 14  on Epson fine art paper will cost $75, a 16 x 19 will cost $95.  These can be printed in house on a high end Epson professional printer. Reprints of the same image will cost considerably less as the investment in time to create the photo has been done.

Any print on any other medium such as canvas, wood, metal, plexiglass,  etc. or sizes larger than 16 x 19  will be sent out for printing with fine art printers I trust to deliver the very best product possible.  The printer’s cost plus 20% will be added to the cost of the photo.

Because of the quality of the camera I have, the data each photo file has to work with is significant.  This means the actual photo has depth in color and detail far in excess of a normal photo.   Not only does this increase post-processing options but stunning prints can be made up to any size without any loss in detail or sharpness; 60 x 40 is not uncommon.


The finest materials available are used to guarantee lasting fidelity for your fine art investment.  All prints are printed with archival, pigmented inks (this means they won’t fade unless abused)  and on fine art archival papers or canvas (Giclees) or other mediums such as wood, metal, plexiglass, and cloth.  If you invest in the best, you will receive many years of pleasure from your photos.   (A print on canvas will look like an oil painting.)

(Please be aware that there are many inexpensive resources for prints on the Internet.  You pay for what you get and the beauty and lasting (archival) quality of your fine art photo will not be comparable to one printed by a specialty fine art printer.)


Books of the images are cherished keepsakes and showstoppers on your coffee table.  They are very labor intensive, however.  The finished images are sent to a specialized publisher.  I will only work with top quality publishers and use the best materials. If you are interested in a book, we will talk size and style and then I can quote you a price.

Cards, announcements, and other novelty products are also available upon request.  CD of small jpeg files suitable for the web/facebook are available for $15 per image.


              A 10% discount is available for orders for images over $499.

                                  GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE.

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