About Allison

Allison-w-cheetah-crop-final lighterCopy of Allison w tripod portrait more cropPhotographing animals is one of my favorite things. I have photographed exotic animals all over the world so it was a natural  transition to photographing people and their furry, feathered, (or maybe even scaly) friends. Especially gratifying to me is capturing the beauty of the relationships between people, their pets and each other.

I have been photographing for more than twenty-five years and have studied with several internationally known professional photographers. My photos have been published, exhibited and sold. Some of my impressionistic work is represented on an exclusive fine art website where each photograph had to receive the blessing of five designers. If you would like more information about my photographic history, please click here for my Resume.*

Becoming a professional photographer was a joyous decision. My career has been that of a divorce mediator/attorney.  Photographing pets is, for me, a much happier pursuit and, in general, it means working with happier people. My goals are to have fun with you and your pets, and to create distinctive art and treasured memories.

Because I care about animals, I volunteer as a photographer regularly for the AZ Humane Society.  Good images help them find homes. You might check my blog (“Special Stories”) as I will write from time to time about some of the pets available for adoption, some of the pets and families I have photographed, photo tips,  recent trips.  (I will currently be writing several entries under title, “Going to the Dogs in Bali.”)  Actually, I plan to write about anything I think might be informative or stir your imagination–or mine.

Do check out my galleries.  Click once on any photo to see the full image. If you wish to hire me, we will need to talk about your style preferences and reviewing my galleries is a good way to narrow what sort of image you may want.


Please call or email me at:  Allison@topdogfoto.com
Phone: 480-949-7948

The Holidays are fast approaching.  Make appointments as soon as possible to ensure you have the images in time.

*If you would like to see some of my fine art abstracts, go to www.cloudwatchers.com and find me under “Artists”.

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